Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunforce 60125 50 Amp Pro Series Charge Controller

Sunforce 60125 50 Amp Pro Series Charge Controller

The Sunforce 50 Amp Pro Series Charge Controller is ideal for protection of your solar panels and batteries. The deep discharge protection function of this controller has acoustic warnings and a built-in low-voltage disconnect that help prevent your batteries from overcharging. This product has temperature compensation and reverse polarity protection. Its PWM (pulse width modulation) charging functions include boost, float and absorption charging for more efficient solar power systems. The LCD display shows charge states in a clear bar-graph format. This product handles up to 750 watts of solar power. Key Component of a Solar System Over 15 Watts A charge controller is a very important feature of a solar system and must be used on all systems over 15 Watts. A charge controller protects your batteries from overcharge and discharge. Charge controllers are the maintenance free protection of your solar panel and batteries. A charge controller monitors the battery’s state-of-charge to insure that when the battery needs change-current, it gets it, and also insures the battery isn’t overcharged. Connecting a solar panel to a battery without a regulator seriously risks damaging the battery and potentially causing a safety concern. Charge controllers are rated based on the amount of amperage they can process from a solar array.

  • Prevents overcharging of 12 Volt batteries
  • PWM regulation with integrated temperature compensation for high performance; Boost/absorption/float pulse width modulation-regulation (series type)
  • Choose between 5 load disconnect algorithms
  • Built-in acoustic warnings and a low-voltage disconnect
  • Full solid-state protection

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