Sunday, September 22, 2013

Commercial 5000 mg/h Water Ozonator

Commercial 5000 mg/h Water Ozonator

The ForeverOzone OG-5g-bb is a 5 gram per hour water ozonator in a "bare bones" format (no housing). Mount this unit in a cabinet, tool box, or your own home made box to protect it from the elements (outdoor use) or on top of the fridge or cabinet in your kitchen or bathroom. (out of sight). A wireless on-off switch turns the machine on and off. Unit includes 10 feet of PTFE silicone tubing, two 2" ozone resistant air stones, and the wireless on-off switch. We sell an optional 300 ml silica bead air dryer for "ozone therapy" applications in humid areas for $25. You can also feed this unit pure oxygen as well for ozone therapy applications. (Not an issue for treating water or the air).

  • 5 grams of ozone from a 10" long ceramic corona tube / Heat Sink, 5KV transformer
  • "Basic Build" open design = less heat, more ozone, longer life.
  • Wireless On-Off switch, turn on and off with remote.
  • Powerful 25 lmp air pump
  • 3/4" solid Oak base / feet. House in a tool box for outdoor use.

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