Monday, September 9, 2013

LED Swimming Pool Light Bulb -12volts- 300watt replacement

LED Swimming Pool Light Bulb -12volts- 300watt replacement

180-LED is a direct replacement (standard screw-in), 15watt pool lamp. It emits a perfect overhead daylight color (same as the sun) and has a lifespan of +50,000 hours. The 180 is the perfect light for medium sized swimming pools and is presently being used in commercial applications. The lamp measures approximately 5"x5" (diameter) which allows it to be used in larger/standard light fixtures. It comes available in a 12volts model and backed by a 3 year warranty!

  • 180 "White" L.E.D.s- (Replacement for 300watt incandescent)
  • Direct Replacement- "Plug'n'Play"- no additional hardware necessary
  • Fits standard pool light fixtures
  • +50,000hours of life- uses only 15watts of power
  • Perfect overhead/daylight color spectrum

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